The panto in December is

Dick Whittington

by TLC Creative

King Rat is threatening to take over London. Only the penniless but brave Dick Whittington and his trusty feline sidekick, Tiddles, can stop the rodent’s quest for domination!

Aided by the magic of a very cockney Spirit of London, the more down to earth and questionable ‘help’ of his mother, Dame Sarah, and his loyal but brainless pal, ‘Barrow Boy’ Billy, Dick’s adventure takes him from the East End of London to distant tropical shores before the final showdown with the villainous King Rat and his henchrats, Nip and Tuck!

Along the way he attempts to win the hand of the lovely Alice, daughter of the bumbling Alderman Fitzwarren and foil the plot of the mysterious, piratical Long John Tin Foil.

Will our hero triumph over these adversities, become Lord Mayor and live happily ever after?

Script – here


Dick Whittington – The hero. A young lad with a heart of gold, seeking his fortune.

Alice – The leading female and love interest. Daughter of Alderman Fitzwarren and the apple of his eye. Also the object of Dick’s desires. Quite resourceful and feisty!

Dame Sarah – Dick’s Mother. The traditional Pantomime Dame. Claims to have culinary expertise.

Alderman Fitzwarren – A rather foolish and muddled fellow. A London businessman and father of Alice.

The Spirit of London – The ‘good’ supernatural element. Speaks in cockney rhyming slang. A true Londoner from the East End.

Barrow Boy Billy – The Simple Simon / link man character. A well intentioned fool and a total berk!

Tiddles the Cat – The feline hero of the story. Bright, quick thinking and with probably more brains than the other put together!

King Rat – The evil baddie. A rodent plotting grand plans of megalomania!

Nip – One of King Rat’s henchmen. A rather dim witted accomplice. One half of the comedy double act with his associate Tuck.

Tuck – The second of King Rat’s henchmen. Even more dim witted than the first. The other half of the comedy double act with his associate Nip.

Long John Tin Foil – A Pirate captain who is not as bad as he first appears.

Chorus, Townsfolk, Pirates, Rats, Natives etc.