Past Productions
2023Goldilocks and the Three BearsPantoPhotos
2023There Goes The BridePlayPhotos
2022Sleeping BeautyPantoPhotos
2022A Butler Did ItPlayPhotos
2021Sinbad The SailorPantoPhotos
2019You’re Only Young TwicePlayPhotos
2018Robin HoodPantoPhotos
2018Sleighed To DeathPlayPhotos
2017Dick WhittingtonPantoPhotos
2017It Runs In The FamilyPlayPhotos
2013Find the LadyPlay
2016Aladdin and the PiratesPantoPhotos
2016Love and MoneyPlayPhotos
2015Don’t get your Vicars in a TwistPlayPhotos
2014Puss In BootsPanto
2014Ghosts at the GrangePlay
2012Jack and the BeanstalkPanto
2012Tiptoe through the TombstonesPlay
2011Goldilocks and the Three BearsPantoPhotos
2011Cash on DeliveryPlay
2010Sleeping BeautyPanto
2010Holiday SnapPlay
2009Mother GoosePanto
2009Love begins at FiftyPlay
2008Dick WhittingtonPanto
2008Write about what you knowPlay
2007Babes in the WoodPanto
2007Death by Fatal MurderPlay
2006Pirates in PetticoatsPanto
2006Secondary Cause of DeathPlay
2005Red Riding HoodPanto
2005Hidden MeaningPlay
2004Now that’s what I call musicalsPlay
2003Beauty and the BeastPanto
2003Murdered to DeathPlayPhotos
2002Back to the SixtiesPlay
2001Key for twoPlayPhotos
2000Wartime MemoriesPlay
1999Ali BabaPanto
1998Humpty DumptyPanto
1998Old Time Music HallPlay
1997Jack and the BeanstalkPanto
1997Snappy FamiliesPlay
1996Babes in the WoodPanto
1996Sea BreezePlay
1995Puss in BootsPanto
1995There goes the bridePlay
1994Robinson CrusoePanto
1994Wild Goose ChasePlay
1993Hickory Dickory DockPanto
1993Darling Mr LondonPlay
1992The Grande Old Duke of York (Jan 93)Panto
1992Tomb with a viewPlay
1991Dark and Stormy NightPlay
1990Mother GoosePanto
1990Move Over Mrs MarkhamPlay
1989Sleeping BeautyPanto
1989A basinful of the brinyPlay
1988Dick WhittingtonPanto
1988A colourful eveningPlay
1987Jack and the beanstalkPanto
1987Live at the Church HousePlay
1986Easter extravaganzaPlay
1985A Victorian eveningPlay
1985Little boxesPlay
1984March MadnessPlay
1984Larkrise to CandlefordPlay
1983Caucasian chalk circlePlay
1983The DragonPlay
1982Ernies incredible illucinationsPlay